So, I was too lazy to turn the TV off of the repeating news cycle on the U.S. mid-term elections yesterday in my hotel...

An interesting point that was made was that in the majority of elections that had been decided by the time I went to bed here in Italy, was that the winner of the "Majority" of the races had more Facebook Fans than there opponent. A 2:1 difference in fans was cited.

Haven't found a good online reference yet to back this up, but thought I'd post since this could be a potential avenue for those delving into local or geo markets for additional ad revenues (ie selling fan page suggestions for politicians to large numbers of friends that you have in a Geo location to political campaigns).

Could prove to be even bigger since "higher than normal voter turnouts" were seen across the U.S. yesterday (between 44 and 48 percent depending on the state)..if FaceBook can be shown to equal greater voter turnout...

Florida example
Election polls Orlando: Polls open at 7 a.m. for the election in metro Orlando -

I saw this on a smaller scale last year for local elections with TwitAds but since I had about 200 followers from that location (New York) it only == like 50 bucks.