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Thread: Facebook to offer vanity URLs

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    Facebook to offer vanity URLs

    Want an optimized Facebook URL?

    Facebook is letting users customize their profile URLs starting this weekend. Vanity web addresses will be dispensed on a first-come-first-served basis, replacing the random string of digits used by the social networking site now.

    Starting Saturday, June 13 at 12:01 a.m. EDT (4:01 a.m. GMT), Facebook users may procure a custom username for their profile's URL by heading to Login | Facebook.

    Custom usernames will be limited to alphanumeric characters or a period (".") and must be at least five characters in length. While the change doesn't appear mandatory at present, keep in mind there's Facebook's 200 million-plus users to compete with over potentially popular handles. God help ye, John Smiths of the world.

    Facebook names will appear on the profile's URL as something like:

    There do appear to be a few catches possibly geared toward preventing trademark infringement and squatting. Read the rest of the article here:

    Facebook to offer vanity URLs • The Register

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  2. This should definitely help Facebook in the SERPS -- as if they needed that.
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    I nabbed Someone should use /stickycarrots lol

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