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Thread: Facebook Shares as a Google Quality Indicator

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  1. Facebook Shares as a Google Quality Indicator

    This points to an interesting correlation (but NOT causation) between high Google rankings and the amount of Facebook shares. While he stresses that Facebook shares do not contribute to the rankings because Google is blocked from this data, he points out that the correlation might make Facebook shares a good external indicator of what Google finds to be "good quality".

    In other words, if people share something a lot it must be good. If Google's algorithm agrees with this then getting a lot of shares is a good sign you might rank well too.

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    Hmmmm, or could Facebook Shares also be used as a manual indicator by folks conducting manual reviews for Google?

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    Interesting, but I would guess "good quality" is not true for FB sharing. People tend to share shocking things, they spread much quicker than the information behind it. Let's say a car crash picture will spread more than the actual details of how it happened and other details. Also sharing works with fragments, like on Twitter, but Google needs to rank a complete package (website).

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    The correlation between high Google rankings and the amount of Facebook shares is interesting. I believe that FB shares indicate "interest" or what information the people are trying to find. Perhaps Google was using the Twitter feed to return the same data. But the agreement with Twitter has expired on July 2 and Google +1 is a dog. Any updates on this? I wonder if the correlation still exists.

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