Hi Guys..!!
I've just seen a new social network and I would like to share it with you.
It's FreeMaal.com
and It's a mixture of many networks like facebook,twitter,blogger.
You can make friends and communicate with them,share photos,upload music and videos like facebook.
You can tweet and get followed or follow others.
You can write blog right from your dashboard and get it read by a huge community.
The best thing I liked most was their News feed ,Your activity is broadcasted on the homepage and even a person which is not your friend can see it.And you know what I mean.
I mean you can write blogs share your links and get it read next minute by many persons get clicks on links and earn .
Now they have allowed HTML tags in blog posts and
I tell you the real story.
I wrote a blog post and the very next minute I saw that my post were read by 26 peoples.
Enjoy it and if you have any thing like this Please share....