Since I have been using Facebook more often, I have noticed a number of trends that people are using for customers. I thought I would share them, just in case you didn't realize these options:

1. If you are selling products, then offer coupons. Having special coupon codes will keep people buying. This may work for getting new customers as well. When advertising your "fan page", tell customers that they can get special offers and sales through FB. Even a 10% off coupon can excite fans.

2. Have contests. Random number generators can be used to choose one to 3 winners on a post. Ask a question, set an end date, and then generate a winner. Prizes can be left up to you, but freebies never hurt.

3. Send fans on a hunt. Intense competition attracts a lot of visitors. Ask a simple question like "What date will X be released on our site?" Then the first person to post the correct answer, wins.

4. Don't post information that isn't relevant to your page or company. I see a lot of fan page managers getting off-topic when it comes to their niche. It isn't interesting coming from them. Stay on subject and leave the random posts for your private page.

5. Communicate with your fans. When they ask questions, answer them as soon as possible! It is refreshing when I have urgent questions to ask a company and responses are made promptly.

6. Stay on top of trends and interesting topics. Posting links to news articles or even your own blog posts can keep everyone intrigued. Encourage your fans to start a discussion!

Do you run a "fan" or business page? Do you follow the above tips? What do you do to keep your customers and interested individuals engaged?