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Thread: Follow Friday?

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    Follow Friday?

    Is it true it got abandoned?

    I read somewhere that Twitter had, for some reason, disallowed it, and then last friday I didn't see anyone taking part, so I was just wondering if it still exists?

    If not it'd be a real shame, as it was such a good opportunity to reach out to new followers and make new friends.


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    Well... Twitter removed the function for people to see all the replies to other people. Which means a lot of follow fridays got lost. A lot of big players are also stopping to #followfriday people because it has kind of lost it's cause.
    Have you ever followed anyone thanks to a #followfriday tweet? I'm sure I have only in some rare cases.

    What I like to do is write a small recommendation with a reason why people should follow that person and only recommend about 2/3 per friday.

    I get as much followers on a Tuesday as on a Friday. so yeah. my 2 cents

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  4. As I mentioned in the other thread, #followfriday is crap now. It has lost its meaning.
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