Hi everyone!

Im offering my marketing skills!

I am doing FREE advertising of you website/business on Twitter for free Ad space on your website!

How that sounds? You will get more traffic/clients and in exchange, I will have free Ad space on your website (on 1st page).

I dont have much luck on free email websites, so if u want me to open new account only for you, I need your email.

My boyfriend had maybe 2-3 enquires for his web design/development biz for first 3 months and since I found out that Twitter is most helpful social networking websites and started PRing, in 3 months we had about 2900 followers and more then 2 enquires EVERY day!
If you dont believe, you can check:http://twitter.com/ZDN_web_design

If you are interested (you dont have to pay or do anything, I dont see reason why you wouldnt be) send me PM or write me email snjsunshine@hotmail.com