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Thread: Get 1000s of free twitter followers. Easy 1,2,3!

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    Exclamation Get 1000s of free twitter followers. Easy 1,2,3!

    Get 1000s of free twitter followers. Easy 1,2,3!

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    More than the numbers, the relevance and effectiveness of your twitter followers is more important.

    And if case you want relevant and effective twitter followers free of cost, then try

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    I agree with @rishisab. Many websites out there just advertise the number of twitter followers they can bring on a website. Only Twiends and Traffup are good for genuine twitter followers.

    Plus, you must also follow and interact with your target followers to make them follow you back.

  4. True, you'll need to get followers who will be interested in what you're posting about. Not bots.

    You might want to look at, a site that allows you to manage your followers and those who you are following. Load up someone else's followers who tweets on the same subject--most likely they will also want to follow you.

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    I find it interesting to note that the person who started this thread has 1 follower on Twitter.
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    3,772 is another service that you can use to unfollow people that don't follow back. The free account is limited to 25 unfollows per day. But still a good way to clean-up your Twitter account.

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