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Thread: Get Free Twitter Followers...Not Spam. Works!

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    I see it is refferal link OP posted? so you all need to spam it everywhere to get refferals, this looks the same as any affiliate refferal link.

    Pankaj, if you not going to promote (or in more real words - spam) your link, you probably wont get anything of it.
    Most likely you just waste your time and will make more trash on the internet by posting it everywhere.

    Sorry, this is my opinion about refferals links.
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  2. Damn, I am very bad at refferals, The only service of this kind that worked for me is

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    Be very careful. If you don't hear from someone who trusts and uses that site that it is secure (from the best of their judgement), do not enter your pass. You can easily get banned by Twitter.
    They seem to go ban crazy for a couple of weeks and then stop most of the banning for about a month, but you never know for sure when they decide to clean house.
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