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Thread: Getting Traffic with Facebook

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    Getting Traffic with Facebook

    Some people were asking how they could get traffic on facebook. There is a variety of ways as with marketing.

    1. posting it in your status post might get you some good hits from your friends however it'll go as far as the # of friends unless they decided it's something worthy to post on to their own status feeds.

    2. Some people will then go the spam route where they spam their links on as many fan page, groups, topics they see just to get their links out there but personally this doesn't sit well with me since most people will probably ignore the links and you risk being ban even ip ban imho

    3. Another better way imo is fan pages. This way it has the potential visibility of thousands of facebook members as long as you are able to encourage them to invite their friends.

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    Ehm.. getting traffic from fan pages requires fans. It isn't the easiest thing to get AFAIK, got any tips?
    |Nico Lawsons

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    I'm always jealous with other people who can make programming like it's the easiest thing on this earth
    I still think it's quite expensive for my pocket to hire someone to make such applications.

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