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Thread: Getting traffic from Facebook

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    Basically post it on your profile and your friends will click.

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    The biggest way most are getting free traffic from FB is through pages... some fan pages have a few million users and everytime someone signs up and becomes a fan of something it's shown on their FB profile so all their friends see it.

    The site FML (most of you should have heard it) grew explosively through FB cos of this. Check out their page, think they have a couple mill fans.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cafo View Post
    You should create fan pages and have exchanges with people.
    Make them become your page's fan and you can return that.
    This^ and if your a business you can also do facebook promotions and it will also attract more customers or even members to your community by giving a half price in VIP or whatever

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    As with any social networking sites, including Facebook, you will only get a decent traffic if you are some sort of an expert in your field or a celebrity. Creating a fan page for simple blogs and forums will have no effect on traffic; usually one or two passerby's might click your link...and that is all. Stay away from Facebook twitter plugins, Facebook feed plugins, etc. These merely spam your profile with links and nothing else. People on Facebook hate self promotion. In short, view Facebook and other social network sites where you can use your expertise to help others and not promote yourself. You might have seen the power of retweets on Twitter...similar concept applies on all other social sites.

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    One day, I have joined some related groups and posted there a link to my website and I got around 30 visitors from facebook in that day.

  6. I am getting traffic from facebook with my blog..Actually most of the traffic I am getting is from CA or USA which is really nice ..I just post my links in my profile

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    1) Get targeted friends.
    2) Invite them to your Fanpage.
    3) Post material on the fanpage that is likely to be reposted by fans on their profiles.

    You don't need thousands of fans if you manage to do number 3 successfully.
    I am also a writer for Serpholic Media. You can find some of my articles here: Serpholic Media Blog

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    You can start by thinking of a good topic, then starting a fan page and promote it to other people who might be interested with the topic. After gaining fans you can now post updates and links, be sure to know how to interact with them so that you can gain their trust and reputation.

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    I get about 40-60 unique visitors using this way:

    1) Create a group or page on Facebook
    2) Use the free Facebook coupons websites ( or
    This is the more important step, you should use a Virtual Credit Card to avoid paying overfees, you can also stop your "almost free" campaigns when reaches the total voucher amount, to be more legit.
    When creating the campaign, set targeted people only (for country, city, sex, keyword, whatever you want)
    3) As long as your group/page obtains 1000+, you get constant and free traffic

    My group is just 1700 fans, and increasing...
    Obviously, you can repeat this process once and again
    Hope this info helps
    Pisco - One of my websites
    SEO blog - My personal blog

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    Ya that's right that Facebook is not the first social network but it is the most popular getting traffic on website. For getting traffic from face-book give enough background information for you and don't forget to make your profile public. Write a lot about you and your endeavors, as well as to include pictures so use all these opportunities to build interest in you and your products.

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