Google recently announced the ability to add “+1” to search results.

The +1 button acts much like the Facebook "Like" button: Users can recommend Web content to their friends based on their search.

The feature is another step forward for Google, heading in the direction of including social aspects to its algorithm and helping to improve the quality of search results.

The +1 button can help business websites by enabling users to share when their Google search results and ads are personally relevant. The benefits of adding the +1 button to websites can help optimize rankings for them, given that there is content worthy enough to share. The button will have a major impact on click-through rates and ad content. Content farms will be affected due to the fact that people will oppose clicking on the +1 button if the site contains bad or unqualified content, according to Mashable. This means that published high-quality content can only obtain an organic +1.

If you have a public Google profile, you will have the ability to perform +1 searches and store the +1s in a new tab on your profile. This also can be made private, as per your choosing.
Check it out in this short promo video from Google:
Central Penn Business Journal

It is going to be fun to see how this thing works, watch out...

I am just wondering when they will make the -1 button available?

What do you think about this new gadget?