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Thread: Google Plus Traffic Sinks, Stumbleupon Soars

  1. Well, it looks like StumbleUpon can actually be used as a kind of a search engine. It's apparently a beta feature. When you click on the interests button, in addition to all the interest categories there is now an "Explore an interest" field where you can enter anything you want. I got pretty good results with some more general queries. It certainly wont be very useful if you're looking for a specific model of something or anything detailed like that, but if you're looking for something more general like "sleep disorders" or "digital DJ", something it could treat as a category or a tag, the results can be very good.

    Of course, results aren't displayed like in Google. You simply get the first page displayed, perhaps randomly, and keep stumbling until you get to a satisfactory page. I think the best thing about this is already mentioned ability of SU to bring out really good pages that might be buried in Google.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bogart View Post

    Facebook is kind of like the free television business model where free content is monetized with ads. FB rather than providing free tv programs to watch gets the eyeballs with free social tools including Facebook Chat, Like Button. Messages and Inbox, News feeds, and the Wall. On the other hand, Google provides search with a bunch of poorly integrated services i.e. gmail, blogspot etc.

    Both of these services don't provide high quality entertainment value to the web surfer. Facebook in my opinion doesn't serve the old school web surfer and the Google ranking system has crowded out a lot of websites. The Mayday update introduced a phrase-based indexing approach and changes to the ranking algorithm for long tails. Many of the long tail searches don't provide many new sites. I think that's where Stumpleupon is picking up an audience.

    It seems to me that social bookmarking isn't dead. I think it needs work. But used correctly it could replace directories as a source of websites to return search results. +1 most likely will fail. It seems that Google is trying to clone the Facebook advertising model instead of providing new innovations.

    Stumbleupon offers ads for 5 cents where you can target by interest, location and demographics
    It's work as a food for my hungry mind... I'm newbie so these stuff actually helping me alot

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    Actually, it still lack of more users as FB. and FB is very strong competitor of it in case of social networking features.

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    I haven't used Google + from the last 4 months. This can tell you about my views on Google +.

    On the other hand, websites like Stumble, Digg, Traffup, Twitter, Facebook, Hubpages, Squidoo, Delicious, Reddit provide amazing traffic on my blog.

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