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Moving on. Some of you may or may not know that Xanga.com - The Blogging Community now allows you to place adsense on your blog as well as utilize the Amazon Affiliate program. To do so YOU MUST be a premium member (which isn't very expensive either), but the benefits are worth it. Lifetime memberships cost $100, and yearly ones are like $20.

Sadly (but good for us) Xanga is filled with a lot of airheads, so ads are clicked quite often. There are tons of opportunities for businesses and just "people" to earn money blogging - and you can be anonymous.

If you can't afford a domain or anything, I really suggest using Xanga. Its perfect and easy to use, and definitely works for adsense and AA.

One last thing - if you are a "personal" blogger, Xanga WILL work better for you. Especially if you get people fired up and irritated about controversial material. Traffic will be flooding to your page and then eventually to your websites if you link to them.