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Thread: How can you leverage Facebook for SEO?

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    How can you leverage Facebook for SEO?

    Facebook can be used in SEO purposes.... bcoz it is a social networking site..which can help you in creating a brand identity and also helpful in getting tons of referral traffic.

    have any views....... Share.....

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    Think it would only help if you get your link on pages with dofollow and are able to be indexed. Not sure there are too many of those around.
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    Facebook is good for getting relevant traffic and visitors and the people who are really interested in reading your blog. Facebook page helps you in getting fans and whenever you update your blog, you can update your page as well and the fans will share the link with their friends so this is how fb works

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    I think that with Facebook you can get only no-follow links (if you create a group). But only fun page can give you do-follow link. You can also use twitterfeed to automaticly post you posts on your fun page.

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    When you post your site to Facebook, you want to tell them why the site is cool and link to it. Don't appear like you're selling or desperate for them to see it. Just casually mention the video as if you're just sharing it with your friend.

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