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Thread: How Do You Use Facebook Ads?

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    How Do You Use Facebook Ads?

    Anyone have some guides on setting up a good facebook advertisement system? Their ad rates are extremely affordable for what the offer and how I can drill down to what I need, but i'm not sure i'm ready for this type of marketing via facebook ads.

    Anyone have any tips or hints?

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    I'm sure advertising on Facebook is awesome, and probably very effective if you can meet the "Simple but Effective" factor. What I mean by this is keep the ads short, but able to best explain your services. Make sense?

    Also there are alot of things to make sure you cover: Pretty much the same things alot of people use to get people to their site.

    Selected Target Audience, Keywords, Making people notice your site (making it stand out, add a tiny image or something someone can relate too..

    That's all I have... I hope you the best with the ads, but since I don't do them I really can't help out alot. I just think advertising it the same way you do a website would be alright.


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