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Thread: How To Get Good Traffic

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    How To Get Good Traffic

    Hey gang,

    This thread is about how to get good traffic. Do you see everyone else claiming to have thousands and even hundreds of thousands of visitors coming to their website each month, each week, or even each day? Are you completely bewildered by how on Earth they're getting that many people to see their content, ads, and portfolios? Well I'm about to tell you how those professional webmasters use trade secrets to rope in so many people. Keep reading for the business jumpstart of a lifetime.

    Paid Traffic
    The biggest way people get traffic is under illegitimate methods in the first place. They pay certain people to send traffic their way. This traffic can be either targeted (based on what the website is about) or untargeted (meaning that it's just random people). They buy this traffic from people who run those pay-per-visit programs many of you have undoubtedly tried before getting to where you are today. Y'know, those websites that pay you like two cents for visiting a particular website for 30 seconds? That's what that's for. I once saw a deal for 50,000 unique visitors for $12. Not bad on paper, but in all practical senses: Completely worthless when it comes to selling things.


    Banners are a webmaster's best friend. All you have to do is design a fancy logo and make it a clickable link. After you do that then go to the Advertising section of Netbuilders and look for people selling ad space. Before you know it, you'll have thousands of people not only looking at your website, but actively participating, all because you're using other people's websites to rope in visitors. It's like casting your fishing rod into another man's fishing boat who happens to have more than he can eat. If you're interested, by the way, I happen to sell ad space myself, both banner ads and text ads. I have a giant network of websites in the making and for only $7.05 a month, you can have thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of people seeing your ads. Contact me for details either through PM or my email address:

    Meta Tags
    Meta Tags are the foundation of a good website attraction scam. Basically it works on the concept of a hidden script that lists certain keywords based on the user's input. Normally, people are supposed to simply type in a few important keywords that they think people will search for on search engines and then people will attracted to their website: the more keywords a website has that matches the searcher's input, the higher that page ranks on the search engine's listings. A lot of people, though, add in hundreds, even thousands of meta tags that simply contain the keywords of anything imaginable. This really screws with the whole concept of search engines but helps the webmaster out in an extraordinary way. Say if someone searches for the keywords "Lindsey Lohan", under normal circumstances they're supposed to see web pages that have something to do with Lindsey Lohan. Instead, the first five web pages that come up in the search engine are all pages of the same website that deals in the production of cereal designs (as in example, of course). If you notice, even Netbuilders uses meta tags. You have an option to input up to ten keywords whenever you make a new thread. I'm not saying that Netbuilders is trying to scam fans of Lindsey Lohan, though, as ten keywords puts a very limited cap on anyone trying to do such a thing.

    SEO, or Search Engine Optimization for you noobs (hello noobs), is the process of making a web page look its very best for the search engines. That mostly means getting they keyword ratio right. Say if I was writing an article about firetrucks, I would need to include terms like "fire truck", "world's best fire trucks", "tallest fire truck", etc throughout the article. When doing this, though, you don't want to overdo it. A good 2-4% is usually good, so if I was writing something 200 words long, 4-8 of those words should be "fire" and "truck". SEO has nothing to do with coming up with fancy titles like "More Truck For Your Buck", although that is good for entertaining your visitors once they find your page. SEO is all about keyword density: there's two words you should remember.

    Another option is to either pay people to post about your website on popular forums or simply pay someone who already posts a lot anyway a set amount to have your link and a description included in their signature. You may think that this isn't worth it, but you have to remember that posts are forever. They sit around on some server in Texas until the end of time (or the webmaster stops paying for the server space, that is). That means that if you pay one person to have your link in their signature for $5 a month and that person posts an average of 5,000 posts per year and each post is viewed 60 times at the time of posting and another 20 times per year after that, then for $60 a year, your link will be seen 400,000 times. I think those are very good statistics, if I do say so myself.

    So now that you've read through all of these ways to get more traffic, I hope you've thought about how you can put these methods into action in order to get your own high numbers. I wish you all the best of luck and if you need any help, don't hesitate to ask.

    Thanks for reading,
    Brandon Dennis

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    Great post. It's nothing most of us don't know, but its nice to see everything in an easy to read list. I personally think everyone's belief on the SEO keyword density is wrong. If you are using a keyword about something, and you mention it in every sentence, then that would be bad. But if you REALLY need to mention it, and there are no synonyms for the product/service/whatever, it can be annoying and difficult to only use it a set number of times. As long as the text is natural, keyword density should never really be an issue. I have had to write content for several clients that only want me to use a VERY specific word just a few times. It makes the final product look weird in the end.

  3. Search engine optimization is only one part of the picture. And that is if you are getting the majority of your traffic from search engines.

    Personally, I prefer targeted advertising on sites like youtube, break, metacafe, dailymotion,,,, all of the big video hosting sites.

    Google traffic bounce rate - 58%
    Youtube traffic bounce rate - 18% - 28%

    Search engines might send your sites a lot of traffic, but it may not be targeted. With targeted advertising, you get traffic that has a low bounce rate and a higher conversion rate.

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