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Thread: How I reached the mark-1000 impressions a day in 3 days

  1. Smile How I reached the mark-1000 impressions a day in 3 days

    Hi there,
    I have started a small blog recently and with the tips of an SEO expert, I was able to reach the 1000 impressions per day mark in just 3 days. I have writen an article on what are all the steps and techniques I followed for the same. Please find it below and do comment if you like or dislike it. Thanks

    Link Building Tips, techniques, do's, dont's , FAQ: New word press bog – How I achieved the mark 1000 impressions a day in 3 days!

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    Thanks for sharing, I bookmarked your link already from your thread on DP about the ads Good read!

    |Nico Lawsons

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    How much of your traffic came from search vs. clicks from all the commenting and other participation that you did?

  4. Since that was a new blog, traffic was only from forums and social networking is picking up now ...the impression were as follows
    200 - first day
    600 - second
    1100 - third
    its between 1000 to 1500 now rate is increasing though...

  5. @ Aquarezz ..thanks a lot ...made my day

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    thank you ....Social media may not be a great technique for commercial sites...but for wordpress blogs, it is a booster provided you write interesting content

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    None of your: You might also like: links work :/

    Did they actually bring in some money if I may ask?
    |Nico Lawsons

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    I'm curious - Google generally takes a few days to index content, and then another few weeks before you even start appearing for decent keywords. How did you get onto the search engines in 3 days?
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    @ Aquarezz

    Sorry dude, that was due to a coding issue with link they are working can read them

    @ Zash

    A site can be indexed in one day if we can provide link to it from another site that is already indexed. Coming to the traffic from search engine, it is indirect like Google -> Forums/Bookmarks -> my blog

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    For me, Social Media is the best way to get instant and genuine traffic to the websites...

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