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Thread: Local name in social networking site question

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    Local name in social networking site question

    If I created a social networking page with a view to driving traffic from it to a website, and if the website was a local website, ie. mytown dot com, would it be an advantage to give the page on the social networking page an identical or very similar name to the website, ie. to call the page mytown?
    In theory it should be an advantage, because the traffic to the social network page has already expressed an interest in mytown.
    Does this mean that the traffic from the social networking page would be worth more from a monetization point of view than other traffic?

  2. It seems to me that it would be advantageous to keep the social networking page to the same theme as the web sites, but I don't know if there will be much advantage to an exact match with the names.

    SEO is very keyword oriented, so terse keyword dense names often work best for websites that want traffic from the search engines. Social networking is more human oriented, so successful names tend to be more "appealing" or "brandable."
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