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    Many Twitter accounts


    I'm wondering what Twitter does if you have about 50-100 accounts. Let's just say they're all natural accounts, but often (for promotion of a certain sale or service) a tweet gets sent from all those accounts: ALL IN ONCE.

    Would they suspend any of the accounts or not? Let's say about 2 times a day such an advertisement would be tweeted.
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    No, they don't get too excited.
    Though they might hit you for spamming.
    All those accounts sending out the same message?
    Yep, spam.

    I know that I unfollow duplicate accounts.
    So easy to find and report to twitter when the tweets are the same, and hit my timeline at the same time.

    Twitter does look at the reported accounts and they do close down quite a few.

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    Every single twitter account needs to represent something unique. Whether it is a person, a supporting account for a website or people/employees representing that website or company with an individual account.
    So yes, if you have 50 accounts with the same website attached and all are random names (especially keyword names) with no uniqueness attached, you can lose them all pretty easily.
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  4. I think multiple twitter account depend with your purpose. If you want share your online product with cheap budget, multiple twitter account is the best choice for you.

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    I don't think Twitter will suspend your account, unless someone report any of those accounts as spammer.

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