1. Create Twitter Account for your company – Start from creating your company’s account on Twitter. It will help you to gain followers who are passionate for your brand and wants to stay in touch with the latest developments. Further linking your account to your company’s website or blog will help you coordinate your communication.

2. Finding Customers – with the help of a twitter account, you can start looking for customers using the search feature and track what they think about your product or your service. By following them you can get useful information about the industry you are related with, your competitors, what others are providing that your are lacking with, consumer expectations, e.t.c. If they understand that you are following them, they might follow you and notice your links to your site or tweets.

3. Use 140 Characters carefully – there are only 140 characters to express yourself in a single message. You have to make most of these limited characters. Another important thing is top insert keyword wherever possible. Only thing that will decide whether users are interested in your pots or not is the Tweets that you post. As a marketer unique and clear in your communications. You can shoot up your brand value by providing useful resources to your followers, like product usage tips, industry reports, e.t.c.