Those who've accessed Twitter regularly over the past quarter have more than likely encountered the increasingly common resource issue alerts. It therefore comes as no surprise that with the introduction of the new Twitter interface the Twitter team has also introduced some new restrictions on API usage.

The new usage limits apply to Twitterers who utilize third party applications (API's) to access Twitter.

The current restrictions on API requests is 150 requests/hour. If you trigger the usage limits, your access will be frozen temporarily and you can expect to see the following alert:

"Sorry! You've hit your hourly usage limit! Try again soon"

If you are an application developer who's hitting the limits, you may apply to be whitelisted. This will raise your IP address or account limit to 20,000 requests/hour.

Those who do not honor the rate limits could potentially be blacklisted.

There's still no word on whether Twitter aims to make these restrictions permanent. For more information on the Twitter API restrictions, please visit:

Rate Limiting |

For more information and updates on all current Twitter restrictions please see:

Twitter Help Center