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Thread: The next Facebook?

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    On the question of whether Twitter shall overtake and surpass facebook at any stage - Yes, YEs, YES.


    Right now over functionality it's exposure.

    Twitter is getting the kind of coverage you'd kill (okay, I'd kill) a little old lady for, and that has to convert into tweets, tweeters or twitterers (or whatever the heck they{we} are called).

    But all that (killing of little old ladies included) aside, the functionality is one dimensional (opinion included), but the growth (alas) will continue.

  2. Quote Originally Posted by m42 View Post
    The first question, if all social networking usage is down for the 15-24 age group, where are these 15-24's spending their time?
    Maybe the Internet isn't "cool" any more?

    Or maybe the economic downturn has them spending more time studying, so they can compete for the few jobs left for people in their age group? But the more I think about it, the skyrocketing unemployment in that age group should mean that they have a lot more free time to burn on the Internet!

    I wonder what the stats are for that age group's participation on MMORPG's?

    Quote Originally Posted by m42 View Post
    The second question, "Do you believe Twitter is going to trump Facebook?"
    I do not. Twitter has a pathetically horrible UI a complete lack of features.

    The Facebook development team has shown significant flexibility, where the Twitter development team has not.

    Quote Originally Posted by m42 View Post
    Question three: "Does the next Facebook or Twitter already exist?"
    If it does, I am not aware of it.

    Of course, I am old. I won't hear about it until it's on the verge of becoming un-cool!
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    teens left for Google Buzz!

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    In NZ, teens seem to use both Bebo and Facebook. Not so much Twitter. I use Twitter to communicate with people who I cycle with. I only know of a select few who choose to use Google Buzz.

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    From what I get back feedback wise about that agegroup, many actually enjoy myspace, because it lets them add music etc.

    FB is being used, but not that much. The thing is when you're younger, you're more flexible, and where you spend time is often dependent on clique behaviour. Some are a part of the hi5 crowd, others plaxo, orkut etc.
    Of course, the older the users get, the more they tend to get the "Man I finally signed up with facebook, I'm exhausted now" attitude and are not likely to venture further unless a big reason presents itself.

    The majority of 18 - ppl I spoke to in regards to twitter found it incredibly boring, pointless and stupid. The only reason they signed up was to talk to celebs, they never replied, so they stopped using it.

    I am generalizing now, but that seems to be the trend overall.
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    I don't think that twitter will surpass facebook users, because it lacks of functionality. what twitter only offers is easy sharing and quick updates, unlike facebook that got lots of applications and games where teens and other people in older age enjoys.

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    When it comes to Social Networking, I don't think anyone can over shadow Facebook (for at least a decade)

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    I don't think so. Facebook is the best social networking site ever. So much to do.. business promotion, playing games, chatting with friends, facebook advertising, group chat, tagging, video call and a lot more stuffs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by m42 View Post
    Question three: "Does the next Facebook or Twitter already exist?", this is most interesting new network I now, the new concept is - share sounds.
    I haven't tried it jet, but I imagine it's goal is: you don't need keyboard to type, and display to read the posts; you just need earphones and microphone - to listen the timeline and add posts.

    And I like this network too: Cause it's not centralized, and the way it deals with privacy, it can become popular.

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    Facebook replaced Orkut, now I guess Google + has a fair chance due to its great features of SMO.

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