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Thread: The next Facebook?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jon Carter View Post

    The home page has a PageRank of n/a, which is unheard of for a social networking site, especially an established site.

    The curious part is that out of only 790 backlinks pointing to the home page (as reported by, almost all the linking sites are part of a network owned by one guy. More than 95% of the domains have the word "passions" in the name. Sorry Bronllys, something does not smell right with Trig. If people were using it, there would be a wide range of links pointing to the home page.
    Those 'passion' links appear to be a dollop of spamming and that particular backlinks site does not pull them all up it seems.
    The current has been up for 7 weeks so may not have registered in the rankings much yet.
    A colleague informs me there are 13,200 pages indexed by Google and that it looks as if all content is tucked away behind a login where Google can’t assess its worth.
    Maybe policy?

    Early days, can't always judge a book by it's (current) cover

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bronllys View Post
    Rob, I am a member of the network that has been using and promoting Trig but not an owner. I don't think my first message was veiled or misleading in drawing attention to a new site unless the forum would prefer to only share information that they have no personal involvement in or potential benefit from.
    There's no prohibition against it in this forum, but in most forums where internet professionals gather it is considered de rigueur to disclose an association of that nature when promoting a site unless that association is already pretty widely known amongst those to whom you're speaking... (and failing to do so is generally considered more than just unfashionable). Stating so for your own benefit, cause the principle applies in more forums than just this one.
    -- Do not meddle in the affairs of dragons, for you are crunchy and good with ketchup. --

  3. Social marketing trends are always shifting. Who knows...Twitter could very well trump FB at some point - or perhaps another player will come in and steal the crown.

  4. I think Facebook is realizing the popularity of twitter because it just started using hashtags. Mimicking twitter shows that Facebook realizes that it needs to stem the flow of users moving to twitter.

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    The way FB admins are cracking down on even innocuous conservatives while allowing violent hatred from every other quarter is liable to encourage many to seek another social platform. It's getting worse as young admins use the ban button to enforce personal political views, as if the TOS required everyone to agree with them.

    How hard is it to figure out that silencing others in the name of "tolerance" is like raping people to promote chastity?
    -- Do not meddle in the affairs of dragons, for you are crunchy and good with ketchup. --

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    Tolerance to a Liberal is when others are forced to tolerate their misconceptions and behavioral problems. Unfortunately, it is not a 2-way street.

    "Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote." -- Benjamin Franklin

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    Quote Originally Posted by robjones View Post
    It's getting worse as young admins use the ban button to enforce personal political views, as if the TOS required everyone to agree with them.
    This is a big issue for business owners with Facebook pages. You have no idea when someone is going to hit the ban button. A search engine can de-index you. But you still have access to your website. Add that to all the Facebook privacy issues and you have a winning combination.

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    It's so nice to see the predictions of people after several years.Some of you were right twitter is the next fb

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    Trig has been through several adaptations over the years but the current company offerings were valued at €1.2bn when it floated on the main Frankfort exchange on Sept 18th. Trig Social Media AB | Equity | A116BG | SE0006027546 | Brse Frankfurt (Frankfurt Stock Exchange)
    It was the fourth largest float by cap value this year so the market must recognise something there!
    It appears there is work to be done to move into the realisation of that valuation.

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