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Thread: Promotion in India : Orkut or Facebook

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    Promotion in India : Orkut or Facebook

    Hi All,

    Two most popular social networks in india are Orkut and Facebook.

    what's your milage in terms of visitors by using any or both network.

    which network in your choice can drive in quality traffic.

    and which network could just bring in horde of people but no quality traffic.

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    I have just started using facebook ,i thnk it is good than orkut.

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    orkut has more userbase than facebook in india but majority is of students who have made it a chit-chat network

    facebook has lesser but sincere userbase than orkut so better option for driving traffic

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    Orukut is dead and facebook and become the most visited site this year beating google, i suggest you promote your site on facebook. Lot of people are quitting orkut and registering themselves on facebook.
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    Facebook all the way.. No one use Orkut anymore (well, a few of them still do)..

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    Orkut is not a good place for promoting your business as most users are moving now from Orkut to facebook. It would be time spending to promote your business on orkut. You won't get nothing, excepting time wasting.

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    Undoubtedly Facebook.

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    Orkut got a severe blow after the start up of Facebook network.

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    Orkut has lost it. Facebook is the preferred social network in India now.

    Check this out:

    World Map of Social Networks | Vincos Blog
    note: when you replace this, dont use masked URL. thanks ~ admin

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    Not heard 'Orkut' for many months


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