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Thread: Prosecutors don't need warrant to subpoena your tweets

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    Prosecutors don't need warrant to subpoena your tweets

    Prosecutors need a warrant to subpoena tweets, even if deleted, because they're public information owned by a third party, a New York judge ruled on Monday.

    The case is People v. Harris, Criminal Court of the City of New York, No. 2011NY080152.

    Your Tweets Can Be Subpoenaed - Yahoo! News

    This is certainly something to think about when using social media. and now tweets do not have 4th amendment protection.

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    SPend a little time on twitter, check sites that keep track of certain tweets, and I have to agree.
    Too many people on twitter are worse than posters on forums or commenters on blogs.
    The level of hate, the need to call people names, etc.
    No, they should not be protected speech.
    Simple subpoena should be enough to grab these idiots.

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