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Thread: Question about Facebook Fan Pages

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    Question Question about Facebook Fan Pages


    1. Where can we buy Facebook pages with a lot of genuine and active fans?

    2. Is there any easier way to build our own? Like buying fans from somewhere, but i have heard that sites selling fans are just useless?

    3. I would also know that how much each fan costs through Facebook page advertise? any rough estimate?

    Thanks for knowing my concern, any help will be appreciated.

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    It seems to me that paying money for a FB page that has lots of fans would be a waste - what possible good could it do unless you are offering the same product/service/information?

    “How much do Facebook Ads cost?” seems to have a good explanation - in short, it appears that the structure is pretty close to Google's Adwords.
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    I can't see buying somebody else's FB fan page and expecting to keep the loyal fan base working very well. And purchasing friends will be a black hat method IMO.

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