In the past, I have delved deeply into the world of e-whoring on Facebook. In all realities, Facebook, unlike MySpace, Craigslist, chatrooms, and now Twitter, is an unsaturated market in these concerns. I've tried this on my own with one account and a fake girl. Made $300 by hand in four days. Not bad for three hours work each day.

After I got tired of that, I wrote an ebook, and gave it away on BHW. When people downloaded and read it, the first step was to sign up under my referral link to AFF so I could track their stats. I really did this to track their stats, and was surprised when I realized that I was making 10% of their earnings into my account as well. I made three grand in a week for showing people how to make $100 a day in an ebook that was a little over 11 pages long.

After that, I tried to start a network of e-whores on Facebook through BHW contacts. That didn't work out so well, and I ended up spending 100 hours making 100 e-whoring packages for 100 people who didn't use them. Crushed, I left e-whoring for a more professional blackhat field of cookie stuffing.

And, with a new idea, I have returned. This will take a lot of my free time, but what else do I have to do besides college? I plan on starting a connected set of 10 e-whore profiles. I have a knack for making them real, and I will make them all my own. I will spam links where possible covertly and discreetly.

I have ten photo sets that are as realistic as all get out. They were researched deeply in addition. I also have information written for all of them, information that i will put in the Facebook profile. As to not seem vulnerable, I will start one profile every few days, and add the previous profile members as friends. They will communicate back and forth through walls and photo comments. I even have some of the picture sets embedded with other profile e-whores in them (tagged) as to avoid suspicion.

I will be promoting adult affiliates through this, mainly AdultFriendFinder, but also others, and will also be utilizing the saturated Twitter and the unsaturated Gmail Video Chat with video loops gathered from each of the photo packages. This should be a work of art that works like a charm. I will keep this thread updated with any more information as it comes.