So I was looking around earlier today and on the hubpage forums some guy was mentioning this website called "red gage".

It is basically a social bookmarking site in which you can add links,videos,blogs and other things and supposedly you can even make money from it. The cool thing is some people have submitted links on red gage that have 3-4 PR which is a pretty high quality backlink.

I can't vouch for it, Can't tell you if the money making is legit (supposedly you get gift cards) or not, but I can tell you its pretty fast and can provide you a decent backlink so might as well check it out.

if you do check it out please message back with your findings.


oh and by all means you don't have too, and I don't even know how this helps me but if your referral box is empty when your joining and you are feeling happy you can put "cls13199121" as your referrer. Your call.