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Thread: [Social Media Article] - How To Create A Facebook Fan Page

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    Facebook just reached it's 500 millionth user, and if you don't already have a fan page up for your site or business you're missing out. Don't keep being late to this party, because it could be costing you hundreds of dollars in revenue every month, not to mention the loads of free traffic it can potentially deliver.

    I'm going to walk you through setting up a basic fan page, and discuss some different concepts with you for maximizing it's appeal, and converting to success for your site. I'll assume you already have a Facebook account, if not go create one now at Facebook.

    Once you've got your account setup, we're going to create a fan page. Even though recently Facebook expanded what you can create by adding a "Community Page" option that lets you basically create an information page for your site or business. We're going to be creating an Official Page for a photography business I work at. Navigate to the create new page screen by going to: Facebook Create A Page

    Enter the details for your page that you're going to make.

    [attachment=50creen shot 2010-07-31 at 1.56.08 PM.png]

    Once you've entered the information, your page will be created and we can begin setting up and customizing it to start driving traffic to your site. The first thing to do is upload some sort of image. Either a logo, or a picture of a product/service you sell. I'm going to use a picture I took for a high school senior, since I'll be using this to target high school senior jobs.

    [attachment=51creen shot 2010-07-31 at 1.57.46 PM.png]

    Once you've got your profile image uploaded, the next thing to do is fill in some enticing information for your fan page. This information is what makes or breaks you on Facebook so, keep it short, make it interesting, and come off as indifferent. You'll want to fill in your hours of operation if you have them, a phone number, website, and a quick blurb in the general information field.

    Thats all there is to the basic setup of a Facebook fan page. You'll be able to directly interact with all fans of your product or service, and have access to over 500 million users. You won't find free advertising any better than this.

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    Awesome article. Great points made on the fan page information. Simple, Short, and interesting.. simple but effective is my theory, as is for most people.

    This ties into my article about the whole thing of filling in your profile information on sites like this or facebook especially if you have a site. No easier way to find people just by filling in information about you, and with articles like these, you will have people visiting your profile page very often to find more about you.

    Take that and apply it facebook, and you have 500 potential visitors to your site. Obviously you wouldn't be able to cater to everyone and their needs, but you could be able to reach a million...

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