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Thread: Social Media Traffic?

  1. Cool Social Media Traffic?


    I was at a blog camp today.

    Many people were talking about Social Media traffic.

    Some said its useless and some said its good.

    Useless as- SM traffic is of bad quality and almost 0% conversion.

    Good- Get your site known quickly.

    What do you'll think? Any other good/bad points?

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    I dont really think that social media traffic is useless. It does create linkbait if your content is really good. I had once come up on sphinn and I got like 400 visitors. Average visitor time was like 3 minutes. Sites like digg and stumbleupon wont give you the results, if you compare it with your efforts on these sites. But if your server has the capacity to handle that much traffic there is no problem in using them. Depending on the content stumble upon can get you around 250 to 1500 visitors and digg can get you from 25,000 to 1,50,000 visitos in a day. It depends.

  3. I think it depends on the SM website...For example if you have good youtube video's and that's the only thing you are doing then youtube by itself can bring you tons of visitors
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    I agree with Marcell Purham, if it is YouTube you can build readers.

    And even with SU you can get your blog known to the masses.

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