17-Year-Old Girl Dies Electrocuted While Twittering

Mixing social networking with a plugged-in laptop and a bathtub can sometimes be hazardous for your health. A young girl in Brasov, Romania, was found dead by her parents in their bathroom, where the girl had been apparently engaged in a Twitter session on her laptop. Early reports from the Police appear to indicate that the girl attempted to plug in her laptop while her hands were still wet.

17-year old Flavia Boricea, incorrectly named Maria Barbu on some sites, was found dead in hear bathroom by her father, who informed the police about the tragedy. The exact circumstances that led to the girl's death aren't yet known. However, according to a recent news report on a Romanian television channel, the preliminary police results indicate that the girl attempted to plug in the laptop that had its battery depleted after a long session on social-networking site Twitter.

The girl was reportedly found dead on the bathroom floor by her father, who saw no violence marks, except for a burn on her left palm. The girl's body was lying near the bathtub with the laptop connected to the power socket. There are no current indications that the laptop had any technical issues that could have led to the terrible accident.

Following her death, one of the girl's friends started an online blog, dedicated to her memory. I got to know Flavia 12 years ago, in kindergarten. Due to the fact that we shared the same name, she was the first person that was presented to me. Flavia's friend said in the blog post. We were known as 'Small Flavia' and 'Big Flavia. Back then, she took my hand and told me to join her for a walk in the garden, she added.

The incident has been quickly picked up by several members of the Twitter community, most of which have been shocked by the news.