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Thread: Squidoo as a Social Network?

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    I was lucky to register a Squidoo lens a few years ago and immediately find that it was PR4. I must dig out my login details and revamp the page!

    But, I always favor working on my own sites.

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    I like very much Squidoo and I made a few lenses. Plus it is smart to be able to give to the charity organizations with the advertising revenues system they have.

    For me it is an excellent way to promote and what i like the most is the flexibility of a lens that you can edit or update when you have to anytime.

    Talking about Squidoo as a Social Network, one great thing Squidoo should do for their own members is an internal system with advertising Squidoo member modules instead of Amazon, Ebay, etc. You can place on lens members (if they enable the module(s)) related to your theme then paying the other member with money or internal Squidoo ranking boost Just an idea...
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    Squidoo is a good source of income too.

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    It is new to me, I wanna to know directly that is it working really good for you? then I may try it now. Please let me know your opinion.

  5. Squidoo has a high page rank, a lot of users and greet features. I've been working with Squidoo for over two years now.

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