Recently I've begun playing with Squidoo again as a means of getting backlinks, and I hadn't noticed they've implemented a new points/trophies/levels system, but now that I'm actively building lenses again I've taken a look at what it all means.

One of the first things that happened when I logged in after several months away is the request to check and see if any of my email friends were using Squidoo, though once that has been done I don't see any easy ways of communicating with friends, but I guess that is only a matter of time, with the development Squidoo are undertaking surely going from being a content based website to a minor social network is just a matter of time.

What was really interesting though is the emphasis they're placing on growing lenses rather than just leaving them and taking the link juice, in fact Squidoo are now putting lenses back into WIP mode if they don't get enough traffic or have enough content, and as soon as that happens the lens loses its effectiveness as a backlink because all links revert to nofollow.

What this means is that Squidoo are pushing lens owners to keep updating their lenses, and to be more social on the site if they want to continue to benefit from the linkjuice and traffic. Being pragmatic, that suggests to me that anyone who seriously wants to use Squidoo for SEO might as well also use the site to earn additional income because otherwise the effort you put in to maintaining lenses is wasted.

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