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Thread: There Is Any Way To Mass Follow On Twitter?

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    Unhappy There Is Any Way To Mass Follow On Twitter?

    I am just searching for this from long time before but there is any why to do that, how can we grow massive twitter following vs twitter followers.

    It will be great help, if some one helps me out for this..


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    This can be done through websites like Buzzom.Com. Remember that you'll get thousands of junk followers which will be worthless. It's better to take some more time and search for Twitter accounts from partners and follow their followers instead. These will be niche-targeted in most cases
    |Nico Lawsons

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    I am also a writer for Serpholic Media. You can find some of my articles here: Serpholic Media Blog

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    Twitter can bring huge traffic to your website if you have real niche related followers. I have around 1000 followers and about 800 are those who are directly or indirectly relatded to my business. I get good traffic from them and some of them convert to customers also.

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