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Thread: [Tips]When & Who To Follow Back On Twitter

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    [Tips]When & Who To Follow Back On Twitter

    There are tons of spammers on Twitter these days. If we’re all there, so are the spammers. But there you will find business leaders, politicians, celebrities, social workers, and just great people too.

    But the question raises is that when & who to follow back? What things should look in someone's profile and decided to follow or not follow him back? This thing mainly based upon your personal interest what you are looking in someone's profile but here I am sharing some tips that you should consider when following someone back.

    1. Is the profile an actual person?

    There should be a real person behind that profile. If he is just promoting his business and 50% or more of his tweets are just "hey come and see us" or "50% off only today" etc then this is one-sided relationship. You should avoid getting involve in these relationships because they are not going to be any beneficial for you.

    2. Does the profile have valid no. of followers?

    There are plenty of programs available there to mass subscribe or unsubscribe twitter users and many people use them to mass follow people and after some time they mass unsubscribe them and this way they get more followers than the one they are following. In most of such cases they have very few no. of tweets but thousands of followers. Do not follow them back.

    3. Content:

    If you don't find anything interesting in the profile then don't follow it back. It doesn't mean that it should be a most-relevant content but it should be something that should get your interest.

    Tweets like, watching TV, going to market, wearing shoes and blah blah.. are also not going to make the profile look any good. Try to avoid follow or follow back such profiles.

    I hope you understand when and who to follow back and now you will be having a good experience on twitter

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    Thanks for the article, although I'm following a lot of non-personal twitter accounts too, just because they send a tweet with their new products (Like, also my account isn't a personal one, but one to promote my adult site. There are a lot of followers to get informed when there are new posts

    But I get what the article says, thanks!
    |Nico Lawsons

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    That's some good points you make there, I know if they have a bazillion followers and they aren't following many, then it's down to the tweets they do have

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    I have a Twitter account and only follow people who hae interesting/ useful Tweets; otherwise it's a waste to follow their timelines.

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    I get spammed all the time wth adult twitter pages. Youreally need to check who you are following especially iwhen your page is to support you Business.

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