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Thread: Top 28 Sophisticated Tools for Social Media

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    Top 28 Sophisticated Tools for Social Media

    There are plenty of tools for social media to use but this is the list of some sophisticated tools which can help you to understand more about social media.

    What do you think about these tools ? Should we use them ?

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    I'm going to have to say that KnowEm is extremely beneficial to you to ensure that your username is not taken on many sites. Also, it is very beneficial to use this site to create accounts at as many of the links as you deem necessary, to thwart poseurs in the future.

    A lot of those other tools sound very helpful as well. I used to use Meebo quite often, and I tried TweetDeck once, but couldn't figure out the user interface. However, I'm not sure if I would consider YouTube to be a social media tool, but instead a video uploading/sharing site.

    Is this your site, sturat? If so, great job on the layout and post.

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