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Thread: True Twit Helps Reduce Spam

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    True Twit Helps Reduce Spam

    I don't know if anyone has mentioned this, but I found a site called "" that helps validate your followers and such. I think I might start implementing it to reduce spam later on. Have you used this before?

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    From what I've read, they said to send a direct message to the user to verify it's a real Twitterer. I'm on Twitter since a few months and from what I usually see on the background of Twitter profiles, a lot of 'good' Tweeple ask to NOT send direct messages. They prefer @Name messages instead so I wouldn't use the TrueTwit service if I was you
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    There's really no way to detect if someone is a spammer or not. Some people would probably consider me a spammer because I've posted paid links on my feed, but I don't consider myself a spammer. How do they determine it? If it really is by DM then that is the dumbest way possible. I have over 2,000 DMs in my inbox right now and I purge them about every week using TweetLater.

    Also, any true Twitter app will not require you to register now that Twitter has OAuth. I think it's just bullshit

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    Ah. I didn't realize that! I'm still a Twitter n00b after all.

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