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    Twitter Blaster

    Has anyone tried TwitterBlaster yet?

    Twitter Blaster enables you to autocreate Twitter accounts and autofollow other people, which in turn causes many of those people to follow you.

    What do you think?
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    I think it sounds like a great way to get extra clicks on

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    You could easily make something that follows users yourself in less than 20 lines of code in PHP... I dunno why you'd want to pay big money for something like that.
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  4. Actually, Nathan, I have been using tweetlater to auto follow people. I set up an account for a domain/site that I'm working on and searched for people who had already talked about my keyword (I searched at for my keyword and followed about 200 people in that niche). There's a way you can use friendfeed to populate your twitter account, and that seems to be enough to get regular content onto it and get more people to follow you.

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    The programs seem to be better at keeping you from getting suspended right away. FYI

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    Quote Originally Posted by stickycarrots View Post
    The programs seem to be better at keeping you from getting suspended right away. FYI
    I've been running the PHP script, and I have not yet been banned. I'm currently following 242 people, with 39 followers. It's set to delay each follow request by 50-70 seconds. I've been running the script for 1 hour at a time, for probably around about 6 hours now (over the course of about 18 hours).

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