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Thread: Twitter and Google

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    Twitter and Google

    Does posting in twitter has any effect in ranking in Google? Does it influence anyway? As per my idea it's no follow and effective for getting good traffic but still some people think twitter has big importance in SEO.

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    yea. you build backlinks I guess. and if your posts include quality keywords it can increase your twitter pagerank thus affecting your SERP

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    Not only your Twitter posts, but also your Twitter profile contains a link to your site which is great when gaining tons of followers.

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    Thanks a lot for your reply! Waiting to see more comments on it.

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    Well, I'm looking at the links to my make money online blog that show up on the Google Webmaster panel and I see quite a few links from Twitter, which is great. So, I would therefore assume that links posted in Twitter count as regular backlinks, and the benefit of that speaks for itself.

    Plus, it's good exposure regardless! Just find the right followers.

  6. From what I see, Twitter links are all nofollow, and therefore do not help you in Google.

    • Twitter links can gain you exposure and direct traffic.
    • Twitter links may gain you "normal" links from bloggers.
    • Google is putting Tweets directly in the SERPs, so you may get traffic if one of the Tweets of your URL gets ranked.
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    Maybe I've missed it til now, but I've also seen some Craig's List postings being show in search results as well...

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    Twitter is good exposure and your followers are potential traffic for your site.

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    Twitter has similar affect to Google like bookmarking sites and you don't tweet to gain a backlink but to get instant traffic.

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