The little micro-blogging service that could has powered passed Bebo, LinkedIn, Digg and The New York Times, and it’s still adding 10 million unique browsers a month.

TechCrunch quotes figures from market tracker Comscore that show Twitter is enjoying exponential growth. In February, Twitter had 10 million unique. In the space of three months, traffic has tripled to pass Digg (23 million), LinkedIn (16 million), the (17.5 million) and even Bebo - and ComScore’s numbers don’t take in those who’re tweeting via cellphone.

Facebook still seems far ahead, with around 200 million unique (making it one of the web’s top 10 properties). But as TechCrunch points out, Twitters growth is still accerating. In March it added 9 million tweeters, in April 13 million.

In all areas, Twitter's growth is breath-taking. Except revenue, which remains $0.

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