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Thread: twitter and marketing

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    twitter and marketing

    how does twitter rank as a marketing tool for websites. since twitter account with high followers are a prized posession, does people gain good publicity of their sites and ultimately increase traffic by advertising in twitter, ?

  2. It's a great possibility if you are staying active on twitter and post about 2-3 messages daily, more people will follow you and increased traffic. I tried it for myself, gaining more than 20+ followers only and I keep doing it until I reached the goal, but twitter following software can also help a lot, but cost you much.

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    Twitter is one of the source to get good amount of traffic to our sites and it can help in marketing too but it depends on our efforts in it!
    Getting followers is not hard,we just need to follow people and in return people will follow you!

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    Twitter is the new big thing among internet markerters .. people view twitter as being a very very click happy environment where getting a few clicks and loads of traffic to your site is considered to be very simple. Twitter is the future of internet marketing.

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    I have 1500+ follower on twitter but I just wonder how can I use these followers to get traffic. yet I am confused about twitter. Can anyone help me regarding this?

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    well yea twitter is really useful if you are active there and have much followers .. it's great you can get a good amount of traffic from there.

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