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Thread: Twitter Marketing

  1. Quote Originally Posted by maruasahi View Post
    I have twitter too with 1400 targeted followers. I agree with HelenaA, it is really hard to gain some earnings from twitter, I usually twit to get some traffic from that site.
    Well, getting traffic from Twitter is definitely hard too. I have been tweeting all my blog updates there and I haven't even got a visitor a day from Twitter. In bsome cases, there are, but not always.

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    Twitter is most hard....I used facebook like 2 years can get over 10K Friends now 2 years my twitter have only 2000 followers

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    Never used twitter before, I don't know what is that. Can you explain please?

  4. i am just new in using twitter, I haven't have make the most out of it, but i'm sure I am getting some traffic to whatever link I am posting there.

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    some traffic for my blogs, yes. i don't have anything to sell (right now) and i seem to be the target of marketers. they comprise more than half of my followers list. i don't mind. i see a good deal once in a while that i'm interested in.

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    Quote Originally Posted by whitey99 View Post
    I haven't had a go a Twitter yet, do followers actually convert to site traffic? If so, maybe I should give it a go
    same with u bro. i just optimize my web/blog frist 2 do this

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    tips that i can share:
    1) Do not be too "salesy". Be conversational and occasionally you can work in something promotional.
    2) Mix business with personal. No one wants to hear about business all of the time.
    3) Regularly post to Twitter - at least once a day.
    4) On the flip side, don't post too much. No more than 1-2 hour or you will annoy people.
    5) Provide good information (articles, tips, advice) so people will want to follow you.
    6) Be engaging - answer questions, ask questions, respond to people
    7) Be polite - thank people when they retweet you or recommend you as someone to follow.
    8) Help promote others - retweet valuable information, call out your favorite Twitterers by their Twitter name.

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    i did not made any money till now...plz tell me how to use...

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