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Thread: Twitter Marketing

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    Twitter Marketing

    How much money have you made with Twitter, and has twitter given you any good traffic for your websites?

    I have made a little money, and for the amount of followers that I have, 1,300. I think that the marketing is going a bit well for me, but the only good traffic that I get from Twitter is when I put my article tweets on a trending topic.

  2. I haven't had a go a Twitter yet, do followers actually convert to site traffic? If so, maybe I should give it a go
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    Quote Originally Posted by whitey99 View Post
    I haven't had a go a Twitter yet, do followers actually convert to site traffic? If so, maybe I should give it a go
    Many people are getting lots of traffic from twitter but mostly money. I know a couple of friends who made product sales through twitter. Twitter is good for mostly marketing but when it comes to traffic, it wont be too much traffic as you would expect, mostly twitter bots.
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  4. I heard Twiiter just OWNED Marketing Spammers. They are taking harsh actions again them now to improve the site.

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    Most of the visitors will be bots, i haven't had much visitors, but i make a bit of cash through marketing, as for visitors, i wouldn't spend too much time using it.

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    Its true that many Spammers misusing twitter. Many other social sites such as myspace, facebook, hi5 etc are victim of spammers. But, we should never try to spam or cheat. This will harm us in long term.
    Talking about twitter marketing, if one has 1000 real followers then that would be amazing. But if many of them are added just randomly and you are not sure if they could be spam then i cannot say anything. Else, getting 1000+ followers in twitter will make your site boost with traffics. Also, followers will be growing slowly.

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    Twitter works well for marketing, if you use it right though. You need lots of followers.

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    guys have not used twitter yet, can anybody make a little more clear on how to use it?

  9. Well, I have only received a few amount of traffic from Twitter. Maybe a two or three.
    But earning on Twitter is a little bit hard since there are lots of people know about that method.

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    I have twitter too with 1400 targeted followers. I agree with HelenaA, it is really hard to gain some earnings from twitter, I usually twit to get some traffic from that site.

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