Joshua Odmark of Search Engine Journal has written an informative article on the future of Twitter keywords and their impact on SEO. The article delves into the different types of keywords, the authors observations regarding character matches and constraints, and the critical timing behind every tweet.

This is actually a great article. I definitely recommend reading it if you've incorporated twitter into your business model.

Here's an excerpt:

There are two types of keywords on Twitter.

The first is actual keywords as you imagine them, such as “seo” and then the hash tag version of keyword, such as “#seo”.

The first version, the actual keyword, is where I believe the future of Twitter exists. Let us take Google as an example. As we all know, arguably, meta data holds very little to no weight with Google (specifically the meta keywords). Hash tags are essentially meta keywords.

But for this particular article, I will focus on the first version of a keyword (without hash tags). I will address hash tags in depth in a following article....

Twitter SEO - the Future of Keywords

Note: The comments at the end of the article are fairly enlightening as well!