So yes Twitter.Com sucks, it's been a project that is getting far out of hand and it's a second DigitalPoint forum. After banning me twice, the first time I got not a good reason but it was related to the use of TwtAd.Com I guess, and now the second time I've been banned for 2 weeks.

I made a support ticket on the zendesk (being on a 3rd-party website is unprofessional but since Twitter sucks it makes no big deal) I've made a support ticket two weeks ago, today I still didn't got a single reply from the staff. I bumped it once a few days ago as they might have missed it but no, still I got no answer.

So not only they are banning people for no reason - can't find a reason why they suspended my account for the second time - and not responding to support tickets makes Twitter 'follow' (to stay in Twitter terms) DigitalPoint & Google Adsense. The reasons are beneath:

  • DigitalPoint: Twitter has been suspending a lot of members these days including me, I can't find something I did wrong neither can others. So that's a DigitalPoint clone in my opinion
  • Google Adsense: Giving totally zero support to the customers is the thing Adsense has been doing, I'm ok if I have to wait 3-4 WORKING days, but not 14 days -- that's far too much!

All I can say about this is, bye bye Twitter. I'm moving to other websites that have better stuff than following people to read spam

- Aquarezz