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Thread: Twitter vs. Facebook

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    You can do more with Facebook, but Twitter can easily be updated. Why not go for both?

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    twitter is better in social media marketing, because Twitter give me more unique visitor for my site.

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    In twitter easy to navigate and update, link to and promote anything while in facebook it is quite difficult. Facebook mainstay platform that needs to grow out of its shell while twitter has opportunity to become utility-like infrastructure, but not a destination.

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    It depends on traffic you are targeting. I prefer Twitter for more tech related users and Facebook for younger people.
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    I like Twitter because you can get more followers easily through Twitter as opposed to Facebook. Facebook seems to work better for connecting to friends and family. Twitter works better at connecting to like-minded people which is great for promoting your site or product.

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    fan community

    hi all, i have a general question that which of among them have more fan community either face book or twitter,i am the marketing research student i needed that information for my project,please let me informed with proves.

  7. Facebook has an Alexa rating of 2 and Twitter has an Alexa rating of 11, so it looks like Facebook still enjoys a comfortable lead on Twitter.

    Google Trends also shows Facebook in the lead.

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