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    Twitter Web Traffic

    Twitter has grown very rapidly in past few months. Only in U.S, it has doubled its traffic in 2 months, recently attracting 1.2 million people per month. If you look at the record on time spending basis as time spent on twitter to time spent online, Twitter had spread abruptly 4 times over the period.

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    Oh, twitter traffic Yes, twitter can be graet. You just have to find a time when your followers online and tweet them. The great thing is that you van find targeted followers with this method: Search for your keyword and you'll find some users which write about your topic and have tons of followers. Follow all their followers and 70% will follow back. Wait for 24h and remove all those who don't follow you. And repeat this You should find some auto follow tools on web if you want to do this autopilot.

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    I also have a twitter account with about 250 followers and I use it to promote my websites.I get about 5-6 visits per day. How could I increase my traffic?

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    Yeh , Twitter is getting bigger and bigger ..& i have upto 2000 followers at my twitter account.Twitter is also giving traffic to my website when i tweet.

    Regards, Anudeep

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    I don't see Twitter to be a good source of traffic; really. It's like Digg traffic, prone to a lot of bouncing. I don't bother promoting my websites on Twitter because from my experience the traffic is of a poor quality, and promoting a lot just annoys the hell outta your followers.

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    I am using twitter from 2 months and have 530 followers,trying to promote my sites,my not getting that much traffic,i think this is my bad luck as many of here getting good positive responce
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    You have to be careful. Twitter is not a 'let me put my website up, write a bunch of stuff, and get lots of traffic' social network.

    The idea is long-term. In the long-term you have to use twitter to create an authority identity, a brand name that people will respect. In addition, Twitter is good for friends that will contribute rather than just simply traffic (getting loyal fans in a way).
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