This is a contribution to the Social Network forum at NB from my side:

Instagram is one the popular social medias. It can be an effective tool of promotion as well. Here are some of the apps that can enhance your Instagram experience.

1. Instaolders:
By instaorders you can change your Instagram profile into an online shop. Means More visibility, follow people and make them your customers.

2. SocialSafe:
This allows you to download your all instagram photos and albums, hence you can have a backup!

3. Nitrogram:
By this you can embed the Instagram Photos into your websites and blogs, etc. Its quite useful IMHO. At least for me..

4. PrintYourInsta:
It allows you to print your Intragram pictures. You can print passport size as well. lol

5. Instablast:
This allows you to get push notifications from your favorite Instagrammers.. Its very useful.
More Interesting Apps are discussed on this blog, ( Link ), that is also the source of this posts.

All these apps are available on app store, also on play store. Or you can see their websites, use Google..

Hope you enjoyed my contribution .
Good Day!