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Thread: What social network is popular in your region?

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    Orkut is by far the most popular network for Indians.

    I have got a lot of online friends from Philippines and they use Friendster much more than Orkut.
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    Orkut and Facebook are top of the list in India. Twitter is catching up much faster. I am one among the first twitter users in India. I joined twitter before 1 year.

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    Orkut and Facebook rules India..
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  4. Here at the old folks home, it's all about LinkedIn.
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    Facebook is number here in Canada

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    In Croatia, it would be Facebook, Twitter is in the ascent, and MySpace
    Orkut is a completely unknown
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    Facebook and Twitter are the most popular sites.

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    12-25 year old friends tend to use Bebo/Facebook.
    30-40 year old friends tend to use Twitter/Facebook.

    I don't tend to deal with many people outside these ages. Personally, I prefer Twitter. Facebook's okay too, but I don't really like Bebo.

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    Orkut is famous in my area !
    After that Facebook comes !

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  10. Orkut is really good social networking resource which largely used by the people but I have created account in many networking resources.

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